Premier Copper Products KSP3 KASDB35229 35 Single Basin Farmhouse 14-Gauge Copp Copper Fixture Copper

Product Features: Single basin design provides maximum workspace Sink is covered under Premier Copper Products limited lifetime warranty With rolled edges and rounded corners this sink combines functionality and aesthetic appeal Copper crafted from 99% recycled material Constructed of premium grade 14-guage copper Farmhouse installation type gives an integrated graceful look to the sink Center drain location provides optimal drainage capability All hardware needed for installation included Secure mounting assembly with re-enforced supports for copper apron Sink is available to be custom ordered to any size with a 4-6 week lead time Product Technologies / Benefits: Extra Thick 14-Gauge Copper: Many companies will cut corners and use cheaper, less reliable materials when building their products, Premier Copper Products however, takes great pride in the fact that their products are built to last. Because copper is a soft metal, without proper gauge and support the aprons on lesser sinks will begin to warp and sag over time, however with 14-gauge supports on every Premier Copper sink this will never happen. Using the gauge best suited for the beauty and integrity of each unit, Premier Copper Products produces sinks that will resist denting and scratching as well as hold its perfect form for a lifetime. The Handcrafted Benefit: The term handmade is unfortunately manipulated today to mean many different things. In many cases its a companys way of making up for the fact that their manufacturing process is inconsistent and products cant be guaranteed. At Premier Copper Products however it is quite the opposite. Every hand crafted sink is made by a skilled artisan and is held to strict standards to ensure quality and consistency. Going through inspection not once, but twice, Premier Copper Products takes pride in the fact that customers receive a perfect handmade product every time. Troughed Basin: One of the primary concerns with any sink is its ability to drain properly and efficiently. Using a troughed system sinks from Premier Copper Products provide optimal drainage to the 3-1/2 drain opening. Many sinks that are mass manufactured using bending machines result in flat bottoms with sharp corners that will inevitably lead to drainage issues post installation. With its hand rolled corners and troughed bottom Premier Copper sinks will drain efficiently and be easy to clean for the life of the sink. Product Specifications: Height: 9" (measured from the bottom of sink to the top of the rim) Width: 22" (measured from the back outer rim to the front outer rim) Length: 35" (measured from the left outer rim to the right outer rim) Basin Width: 19" (measured from the back inner rim to the front inner rim) Basin Length: 33" (measured from the left inner rim to the right inner rim) Basin Depth: 9" (measured from the center of basin to the rim) Installation Type: Farmhouse Drain Connect

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Premier Copper Products KSP3 KASDB35229 35 Single Basin Farmhouse 14-Gauge Copp Copper Fixture Copper Review

I truly enjoy my Premier Copper Products KSP3 KASDB35229 35 Single Basin Farmhouse 14-Gauge Copp Copper Fixture Copper. I again chose product from Premier Copper Products and it's cool. This single bowl does not have a rival.

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