Metalbest 6T-IR Sure-Temp 6 Class A Chimney Pipe Interior Resupport Band

Metalbest, 6T-Ir, Class A, Ultra-Temp, Vent Pipe, Strap/Bracket,Stainless Steel 6 Class A Chimney Pipe Interior Resupport Band From Sure-Temp Interior Resupport Assembly Allows For Two Different Methods Of Chimney Resupport. The First Method Is Used At The Immediate Section Of Chimney Above The Upper Elbow Of An Offset. With The Appropriate Fire Stop/Joist Shield (Js) In Place, Clamp The Support Band Around Chimney And Attach With 6 Sheet Metal Screws. The Second Means Of Support Is Used Primarily When The Immediate Sections Of The Upper Offset Do Not Pass Through A Joist Area And Resupport Is Necessary. The Support Band Is Clamped Around The Chimney Immediately Below A Locking Band. In Both Methods, The Straps Are Nailed To Suitable Framing At 2 Clearance. The 18' Limit Of Supportable Chimney Length Applies. The Sure-Temp Chimney System Is Designed To Meet The Needs Of Todays High-Efficiency Wood Stoves And Other Appliances Burning Wood, Oil Or Gas. Components May Be Combined In A Wide Variety Of Ways To Solve Almost Any Chimney Installation Requirement. Features: Materials: Stainless Steel - Clearance: 2 To Combustibles - Allowable Flue Gas Temperatures: - Maximum Continuous: 1,000 Degrees Fahrenheit / 540 Degrees Celsius - Brief Forced Firing: 1,400 Degrees Fahrenheit / 760 Degrees Celsius (60 Min.) - Creosote Burn Out: 2,100 Degrees Fahrenheit / 1,150 Degrees Celsius (3 X 10 Min.) - Ul Listed: Ul-103-Ht - Warranty: Lifetime Limited Warranty - Straps Measure 17.5 Long -

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Metalbest 6T-IR Sure-Temp 6 Class A Chimney Pipe Interior Resupport Band Review

Great ducting the logo is what made me buy this, but it great and cool too

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