Jacuzzi ANZ6642WCR4CW Oyster Jacuzzi ANZ6642WCR4CW Anza 66 Whirlpool

Jacuzzi ANZ6642WCR4CW Key Data: 66" L x 42" W x 26" H Whirlpool Experience Water Depth: 16-4/5" Jacuzzi ANZ6642WCR4CW Features: Covered under Jacuzzi's lifetime limited warranty Acrylic drop in tub Deep soaking tubs have a raised overflow, allowing the user to be surrounded by water Center drain with round overflow Textured slip-resistant bottom Wider design allows comfortable bathing for two Integral lumbar support on one side for comfort Tub waste sold separately (when adding to cart - will be offered) Jacuzzi ANZ6642WCR4CW Technologies / Benefits: 4 TheraPro Jets: Delivers power with higher flow and air integration rates for a targeted, vigorous massage that is never too strong of uneven. Fully adjustable TheraPro jets let you adjust the flow to tailor the bath to suit your needs. 12 AccuPro Jets: An essential building block of a Jacuzzi jetted Whirlpool, this precision jet sends an accurate, pinpointed flow of air and water to target specific areas of your body. AccuPro jets are highly adaptable and maneuverable. CleanLine Water Lines: Jacuzzi's CleanLine water lines contain anti-microbial additives to inhibit bacterial growth and odors over time. Tru-Level Base: Ultra-high density foam levelers that provide support and easy leveling to simplify installation. Slip-Resistant Bottom: A matte texturing technique is applied under the clear coat to create an invisible yet effective traction area. Silent Air Induction: Jacuzzi's patented air induction system silently mixes air into the water creating that legendary Jacuzzi Whirlpool experience without a hissing sound. Whirlpool Wave Mode: Cycle the air flow in the jets from no air flow to maximum air flow creating a unique wave-like experience. Whisper Technology: Jacuzzi Whisper technology uses a sophisticated mounting system with dampers to eliminate nearly all vibrations at the motor for a difference that you can not only hear, but feel. Lighting: Chromatherapy: LED lighting that is able to produce a total of 256 mood-setting colors. Jacuzzi's Chromatherapy lighting serves to not only enhance your bathing experience, but also provide for safe entry and exists in and out of the tub. Controls: Luxury Controls: Upgraded electronic, button-operated controls with light bars to the left of each button designating low, medium-low, medium-high, and high. Jacuzzi ANZ6642WCR4CW Specifications: Overall Length: 66" Overall Width: 42" Overall Height: 26" Basin Length: 43" Basin Width: 28" Water Depth: 16-4/5" Number of Jets: 16 Body: 4 Back: 8 Foot: 4 Number of Bathers: 2 Maximum Water Capacity: 97 gallons Pump Location: Right About Jacuzzi: Jacuzzi changed the way people bathed with their invention of the whirlpool tub. With over 60 years in business, Jacuzzi manufactures all of its bathtubs and shower products here in the United States. For the leading manufacturer of whirlpool and spa bathtubs, Jacuzzi

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Jacuzzi ANZ6642WCR4CW Oyster Jacuzzi ANZ6642WCR4CW Anza 66 Whirlpool Review

If you do not have whirlpool bathtubs like this, now it is the best moment to buy one Jacuzzi ANZ6642WCR4CW Oyster Jacuzzi ANZ6642WCR4CW Anza 66 Whirlpool. You will not regret!

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