Bort Stabilo Lace Up Ankle Support

BORT Stabilo Ankle Support The Bort Stabilo Ankle Support is one of the most comfortable and supportive ankle braces on the market. This ankle brace is ideal for walking shoes. The combination of the ankle braces breathable material and Stabilo velcro straps creates a unique ankle support that is low profile but supportive and adjustable. U-shaped stabilization element made of plastic and Stabilo Velcro strap enable limitation of talus prolapse Can be individually adjusted using laces Breathable material provides optimum comfort BORT Stabilo Ankle Support is washable Can also be worn with sports and walking shoes Available in blue/black only Fits left or right ankle Indications BORT Stabilo Ankle Support is indicated for stabilization of the ankle joint. For immobilization in the case of inflammatory conditions, rheumatism, arthritis, tendonitis Goals Increase physical activity Improve ankle stability Controls chronic tendonitis Decrease anti-inflammatory medications Decrease ankle pain symptoms Reduce ankle swelling Improve quality of life Support Level This brace is rated Level IV Click here for Rating Information: - Bort Medical Braces 114100

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Bort Stabilo Lace Up Ankle Support Review

The Bort Stabilo Lace Up Ankle Support was described perfect. Great customer service from The Braceshop!

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