200W COB LED Ellipsoidal (White 3200k, 26)

200W COB LED Ellipsoidal (White 3200k, 26) A single 200-watt Warm White Ultra Bright LED provides the light output of a 750-watt halogen bulb with less fan noise, heat on performers and audience, and power consumption. The COB design improves light distribution, whether it's used via DMX as part of a stage lighting grid or with onboard control of brightness and strobe for set-and-forget operation. This ellipsoidal's heavy duty housing supports rigorous road use, with manual focus and frame shutters for versatile light placement. This is a professional-grade lighting fixture for churches, theaters, clubs, artistic installations, video productions, and other events where crisp bright, lighting is needed with low power draw. Even multiple units won't disrupt intimate venues with its near-silent internal fans. The 612751 stage light provides support for standard size B Gobo holders as well as standard beam angle lenses. The 612751 Ellipsoidal is a great way to reduce operating costs for your facility without making all of your peripherals obsolete. Features: Use just like a traditional incandescent fixture 3200K color temperature give look and feel of tungsten stage light 200-watt LED puts out equivalent of a 750-watt conventional bulb Use simple 3-channel DMX or easy to use manual control Smooth fade and dimming curves 4 DMX controlled dimming curves for fast or slow fade and dimming Puts light where it is needed, keeps light off areas that need to stay dark 4 external manual framing shutters, left, right, top, and bottom Manual focus Daisy chain up to 10 units on one 20 amp breaker NAC3 in and out Meager 200-watt power consumption Excellent in low noise environments with its near-silent cooling fan Size B Gobo Interchangeable lens

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200W COB LED Ellipsoidal (White 3200k, 26) Review

I have always wanted 200W COB LED Ellipsoidal (White 3200k, 26) and as I hope it's great. Monoprice again shows why they are the best on the market.

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