13"" x 13"" Stainless Steel Raccoon Screen

This heavy-duty animal control screen is builtto prevent access to the chimney from even themost bothersome animal pests, such as raccoons,opossums, etc.RS Unit Constructed withHeavy 18 Gauge Stainless Steel,5/8"" Mesh. Base is constructed of 16 GaugeStainless SteelGalvanized Units are Painted BlackStainless Steel Units are UnpaintedTamper-Proof Bolt-on AttachmentMethod. Animal Pests are Unable toRemove the Screen to Gain Access to theChimney LinerStandard Height 6""Made in the USA

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13"" x 13"" Stainless Steel Raccoon Screen Review

This is my second 13"" x 13"" Stainless Steel Raccoon Screen, bacause I broke the first one, and it surprised me as it did the first time. Also this time the price is much lower, thanks Northline Express.

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